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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free herbal from South Africa. The tiny leaves from the bush are green when harvested and allowed to oxidize, turning red. Rich in antioxidants.

CAD4.50 +shipping Chai Rooibos
CAD4.40 each Organic Rooibos
CAD6.40 +shipping Organic Green Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Orange Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Winter Palace Marzipan
CAD4.50 +shipping Bourbon Street Vanilla
CAD4.50 +shipping Mocha Rocha
CAD4.50 +shipping Provence Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Raspberry Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Earl Grey Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Blueberry Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Cinnamon Rooibos
CAD4.50 +shipping Lemon Ginger Zinger
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