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Caffeine Free Wellness Tea

Discover balance and vitality with Ayurvedic Men's Wellness. This invigorating tea combines the natural sweetness of apple pieces and the warm spice of cinnamon bark with the earthy richness of rooibos and ginger. Bean pods and mistletoe offer unique herbal undertones, while lemongrass and sea holly bring a refreshing zest. Cardamom, lemon peel, clove, and black pepper add layers of aromatic complexity, and ginseng root provides a revitalizing boost. Perfect for any time of day, this blend is ideal for the hard working gentleman to ease stress & tension. #5432

Options: Loose Tea Pouch 50g - $8.5

Loose Tea Pouch 50g - $8.5
Tea Bag 12 Sachets - $8
Sample 3g - $1
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Apple pieces, cinnamon bark, rooibos, ginger, bean pods, mistletoe, lemongrass, sea holly, cardamom, lemon peel, clove, black pepper, ginseng root.


Blended in Canada


Steep 2 tsp in 208F water for 3-7 minutes

Caffeine level

Caffeine Free