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This is a blend that marries the rich flavors of cacao bean pieces and carob with the smooth, earthy notes of premium rooibos. Adorned with vibrant calendula, marigold, and sunflower petals, this tea not only pleases the palate but also enchants the eyes. Perfect for a guilt-free treat, it offers a creamy, chocolatey escape that is both soothing and satisfying, ideal for any time of day. #2416

Options: Loose Tea Pouch 50g - $7.5

Loose Tea Pouch 50g - $7.5
Tea Bag 12 Sachets - $7
Sample 3g - $1
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Rooibos, Cacao bean pieces, Carob, Calendula + Marigold + Sunflower petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).


South Africa / India / Egypt


Brew Hot Tea: Steep 1.5 tsp/8oz 208F water 5-7 min. Iced Tea: Steep double the amount of tea as per  brewing hot, then immediately pour over ice. Enjoy!

Caffeine level

Very Low